We provide a holistic, end-to-end service designed to provide you with simple and effective property investment solutions.

Osprey International Ltd. is a subsidiary of  Osprey Group of Companies and offers reliable and tailor–made project management services that guarantee smart and efficient developments, reduce costs and meet our client’s project management needs. Our project team specializes in efficiently managing and developing a broad range of comprehensive property-related developments including consulting works for state institutions, retail, industrial, leisure facilities, residential accommodation as well as commercial properties from inception to completion for both local and Multinational Corporations.

A range of property investment and consultancy services to simplify the process of investing in Ghana property market


Properties Investment

Osprey International has an excellent track record of finding development sites for our clients. These range from rural exception sites that enable housing associations to provide homes for local people to city centre sites for commercial and retail development.

Business Brokerage

As a mergers-and-acquisitions firm, Osprey International networks with business affiliates throughout Ghana and abroad. Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers to an understanding of buying, selling, and valuing existing businesses.

Investment Consultancy

We provide a wide range of investment opportunities which have generated impressive returns for both individuals and companies. All of our investment consulting services deliver the in-depth, third-party perspective needed to help meet the challenges institutions face today


Start Knowing What To Do

We break every problem down to one thing: what you need to achieve. Then we work our way back.


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